The citizenship by investment program was launched in Antigua in 2012. The program allows for foreign investors to apply for citizenship and receive a passport from Antigua & Barbuda.
Three investment of US$400,000 in real estate an applicant and their family can imply under the program to receive their passports, this is often a very convenient and useful way to purchase property in Antigua, this is primarily due to the fact that once an owner holds a passport they have all the rights of any other citizen of Antigua & Barbuda. What this means is that an owner of property can live in Antigua and Barbuda for as long as they like, apply for work, buy and sell property without noncitizens land holding licenses, vote on elections and will receive the same rights as any other naturalised or natural born citizen.
The process of application for citizenship by investment is very straightforward and is extremely streamlined bye numerous processing agents who are easily able to process your application and prepare all documentation on your behalf. The process typically takes around 3 to 6 months in order to arrange all the paperwork and documentation and have the due diligence undertaken by the Antigua and Barbuda government.
Upon approval you will receive your passport to Antigua & Barbuda which also allows for Visa free access to 138 countries around the world, due to the strength of the passport and Visa free access to so many countries, the passport is very well sought after and can be a very useful asset for people who travel frequently.
For certain individuals citizenship by investment may prove to be a highly tax efficient methodology and vehicle of ownership of property in Antigua due to the fact that Antigua does not have personal income tax, inheritance tax nor capital gains tax, as such owners can benefit from significant savings by being citizens of Antigua & Barbuda should their individual tax circumstances allow them to benefit from being a citizen.
On applying for citizenship by investment the primary applicant can also apply on behalf of the family, hence it is not just the main purchaser of real estate who received the benefit from having a second passport but also the benefit can be added to partners and children which can be especially beneficial for succession planning due to the tax aspects mentioned above.
We can assist with introducing you to all the relevant parties in order to find out more about citizenship by investment as well as provide introductions to citizenship by investment processing agents who will make the process of applying for citizenship in Antigua & Barbuda as painless as possible.
So contact us today to find out more about the Citizenship by Investment Program, CIP in Antigua & Barbuda and take your first steps toward your Caribbean dream life.