Sugar Ridge has some of the most popular properties in Antigua, the exceptional views over the Caribbean Sea and the quality of the property and build is 2nd to none.

Sugar Ridge has collated a bespoke selection of builders and architects as well as interior designers so that new owners can create their own exception property located at Sugar Ridge.

All design builds must be approved by the developer however the development welcomes new and innovative ideas in order to ensure that property is exceptionally well built as well as have significant capital value beyond the cost of building.

There are several architects as well as designers who can assist owners with providing them insights into what would be the best design and how houses should be positioned on the hillside to provide the best light, ventilation and energy usage.

This approach gives new owners the maximum flexibility they need in order to make the right choices and consider all the options that are available to them, old are not tied into any specific Builder but must ensure that the build that they undertake fits within the architectural guidelines for the benefit of all the owners at Sugar Ridge.